May 6, 2011
#17 I’ve liked my ex-ex boyfriend again and I always seem to try get closer friends with him like we were last year. But he confuses me. Some days he actually makes an effort to talk to me, and others he completely ignores me and I might seem annoying by trying. I know I should move on but its far too hard as I’ve honestly not stopped liking him. How can I tell if he likes me, and what are some things I can do to give him hints?? Sometimes I hug him longer than everyone else, or have poke wars with him and compliment him, but he probably thinks I’m just being a good friend. I don’t want to scare him off but I feel as though I can’t live without him, he was the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.

I would say in all honesty that it’s always better to be straight up.

I mean, i could never tell someone my feelings for them, i know how contradicting i probably sound, but something i’ve kinda learnt is as much girls like to make it out, boys do not intentionally play games. I mean, there are douchebags, but you would know what your ex is like. By holding out longer, you fall harder. I’d advise, get a straight answer and go from that.